Soft-Transport is a TMS application (Transport Management System).
The application incorporates the experience of over 30 years of transport and the suggestions of many other companies, customers of Soft-Transport: all kinds of transport companies, shipping companies and more.


Soft-Transport Application:

Strengthen CONTROL inside the company.
Get quick and relevant ANSWERS to key questions.
Facilitate WORK in all the compartments of the company.
Reduce COSTS.
Increase PROFIT.
The Benefits are HUGE, at an affordable price! !

The benefits can exceed 8% of the Turnover!

Here is an example, for a company with a fleet of 100 trucks and a turnover of EUR 12,000,000/year:
For a fleet of 100 trucks, the benefits can reach or even exceed: Benefits [EUR/year]
through the optimization of trips time, KM, tolls, by using GPS coordinates (for POIs) 180,000
through the time savings with dispatching, time that can be directed to other needs 40,000
through document management - automating uploading, searching, sending 18,000
through saving time with invoicing 9,000
through the preparation and management of claims 120,000
through the optimization of the fuelling price, by integrating the company fuelling policy into the application 48,000
through tracking the actual and normed fuel consumption 90,000
through the clear record of the fleet's technical issues and its timely maintenance 50,000
through the control and traceability of settlements with drivers 20,000
through transparency and control on acquisitions 12,000
The negotiation margin with customers, thanks to the professionalism of the dispatcher, increases and creates additional income 240,000
The possibility to quickly restructure the client portfolio and the fleet's productivity, even for a healthy client portfolio 120,000
TOTAL (without other savings, from the reduction of fines, etc.) 947,000
We are confident that you know best in what and where to invest the saved money !


We present them below, department by department:


Dispatching is the heart of a transport company !

Dispatchers easily manage current activity in real-time.
Establishing the most economical routes, through the use of integrated maps, adapted to the transport of goods, both in terms of KM and tolls.
Quickly search for addresses and GPS coordinates (POIs) and saving them for future use.
Automatic reading of information from telematics applications, such as: Mileage, route taken, current position, fuel tank level, etc.
Easy and automated communication with drivers and customers! The customer will be satisfied by being informed as soon as possible, basically always in time !!
Records of groupage or circuit transports, their profitability calculation, the map (route) for groupages.
In short, easier work, with more trucks being better coordinated!

Electronic Archive of Transport Documents (CMRs, etc.)

Automation of CMR uploading and real time transmission of them.
Electronic archiving of all transport documents: CMRs, orders, Report of Km Run, etc., by integrating the Gdrive service into Soft-Transport.
Record of documents handover to the client..
Automatic CMR (POD - proof of delivery) transmission by email, for a transport order, to the customer.
Customers can download themselves the CMRs of their order through their dedicated accounts.
Automatic check of orders that do not have uploaded CMRs in the electronic archive.
Get rid of paperwork with Soft-Transport !

A mistake in invoicing can cost you thousands of euros!

Invoicing in soft-transport is easy, fast, safe. It offers:
A clear record of invoiced and uninvoiced orders.
A correct invoicing, with complete information, on time, aesthetic.
The template for the invoices are customizable, up to the customer level.
Automatic retrieval of the invoiced value either from the tariff schemes, or from the agreed price of the order, or from the value of the Credit Notes issued by the clients.
Automatic calculation of the due date according to the contractual terms.
Flexibility: one order on one invoice or multiple orders on one invoice, non-operational invoices (no transport order)
Invoicing in other currencies, by automatically importing the exchange rate.
National or international invoicing, with or without VAT, availability of printing the invoice in other languages.
Automatic sending of the invoice by email together with the CMRs of the invoiced orders.
Fast checking of Client Credit Notes and quickly decoding the Payment Statement from the clients.
Easily identify missing Credit Notes.
Easy comparison of Mileage, Planned KM or GPS KM with beneficiary's KM.
Easy comparison of estimated tolls with tolls calculated by beneficiaries.
Easy drafting and recording of appeals (in case of customer mistakes).
In other words, an elegant, simple and refined invoicing !

The responsibility of a Spedition Company is twofold: both towards the customer and towards the transport company !

The record of subcontractors in the Soft-Transport application ensures:
Registering, storing and searching contact details of current and former partners.
A clear record of partners with creditworthiness problems.
Automatic selection of partner email list , based on various criteria.
Automating issuing and transmission of orders or contracts for subcontractors.
Profitability estimation tool, useful in the composition of groupages and circuits.
Automatization of communication, in both directions, with the drivers of the subcontractors.
Electronic archiving of transport documents.
Generating, if necessary, instead of the customers, but on their behalf, the transport order.
An effective control of the main indicators of a spedition company: profit per order, per subcontractor, per commercial dispatcher, per customer, km production (average run KM), etc.
Monitoring the validity of subcontractors' CMR insurances.
Automatic generating of the Intermediate Order Register.
Issuance of Credit Notes for subcontractors' services (based on the agreed price or tariff scheme).
Transparency vis-à-vis the balance for subcontractor orders (Collections from customer versus payments to the subcontractor).
The possibility to dispatch subcontractors' trucks as your own trucks, without any distinction.
Statistics of volumes transported by different countries, routes, loading/unloading locations, customer types, etc.
In other words, a useful tool in selling, tracking execution, finalizing, collecting and settling shipping orders, as well as analysis and prospecting on the market, alongside promotion.

The transport vehicles are the first resource of a profile company!

The fleet management through Soft-Transport aims to:
Avoid fines and compensations, by tracking the validity of mandatory fleet documents (PTI, insurance, etc.).
A clear record of technical problems at any time, as well as the history of interventions, revisions and repairs carried out.
Reports by type of technical issue and warranty case tracking and management.
The responsibility and involvement of drivers in reporting technical problems.
Optimal planning of interventions, ensuring transparency with the Dispatch.
Quick and up-to-date record of oil changes and revisions.
Statistics of KM run by trailers, to ensure their revisions are made in time.
Tracking Truck and Trailer Inventory (belts, fire extinguishers, ADR kits, etc.).
Stock management of spare parts and consumables from the company's warehouses.
Keeping tires in good condition, optimizing tire stock, tracking warranty cases.
Calculation of tire wear indicators.
In short, planning and reviewing to keep the main assets of a transport company in the best possible condition!

The cost of diesel represents over 30% of operating costs in transport!

Regarding fuellings and fuel consumption, Soft-Transport ensures:
Clear record of fuel cards.
Quick identification of fraudulent fuellings.
Easy checking of fuel invoices.
Record of own fuel tank.
Integration of the company fuelling policy. Where, when and how much do we fuel?
Display of approved gas stations on the map.
Automatic calculation of the average tonnage transported.
Calculation of actual and normed fuel consumption, both for each individual truck and at fleet level.
Integration with manufacturers' telematics solutions for reading the consumption recorded by the on-board computer.
Calculation of refrigerant aggregate consumption.
Statistics of the fuelled quantity and fuel price by country, supplier, period, and, very importantly, by customer.
Presents in a report all the data necessary to complete the Belgium excise duty recovery request.
In other words, keeping the diesel cost under control!

Nothing more complex than the accounting side of a transport company!

Primary accounting is integrated into the application, and it allows:
Registration of acquisitions (company expenses)
Cost (profit) center on each truck
Analysis of costs (expenses) in dynamics (comparison over several months).
Registration of payments.
Automatic preparation of the Accounts Payable, Statement of Acquisitions and Payments
Inventory Management, with the printing of Reception Notes, Goods-Out Notes, and Goods Transfer Notes.
Verification of tolls invoices.
Reconciliation of fuel invoices.
Easily calculate of slippages between months (eg fuellings made in April but invoiced in May).
Transparency in the invoicing process, with quick verification of the full invoicing of transport orders.
Registration of receipts, with quick identification of invoices paid by customers.
Automatic preparation of the Accounts Receivable, Statement of Invoices and Receipts.
Automatic generation of treasury registers (Petty Cash and Bank).
Registration of the transfer between the different treasury accounts (which can be defined in an unlimited number).
Drivers Expense Statement Summary.
Access to report of documents handover to clients, credit notes and claims, to the record of train/ferry reservations, own or through clients, to statistics of service interventions, etc.
In other words, an easier life for accountants, doubled by greater security of the company's finances, through multiple and effective control keys!


This section is dedicated to companies that operate a service workshop for their own vehicles and/or for third parties. It allows:
Follow-up and planning of workmanship's, both for third parties and for the own fleet.
Issuing orders, completing work estimates and issuing invoices for completed work estimates.
Allows you to customize orders, work estimates and invoices issued to service customers according to your needs and preferences.
Preparation of simple service invoice (for a single estimate) or multiple (for several estimates simultaneously).
Interconnection with the Stock Management section, which includes acquisition registration, Goods-Out Notes, and Transfer Notes.
Multiple levels of users so that the chain of control within a service can be respected.
The work estimate is filled in automated at the registration of acquisition (reception) of spare parts or at the consumption of spare parts in stock.
Workmanship can be recorded as it is performed, or even better, it can be recorded (planned) in advance.
Tariff for workmanship can be specified either as tariffs per job or as tariffs per unit of time (eg per hour).
Clear record of unfinished, or completed and uninvoiced estimates.
Analysis of profitability per task, customer, mechanic, etc.
In short: legality, flexibility and good practices!

Human resources, of major importance in transport!

The main benefits regarding the Personnel Department (Human Resources) are:
Avoiding fines and compensations, by following the validity of the mandatory documents of the employees (certificates, permits, etc.)
Transparency and automatic communication between the personnel staff and dispatch department.
Systematic and easy management of problems with employees - through employee reports.
Rapid assessment of drivers on all relevant aspects: KM traveled, fines, accidents, documents (CMRs), fuellings, etc.
Synthesis of the activity of the employees (Own or of the Partners) in a Timekeeping format, with order details in which the drivers were involved during a month.
Tracking inventory items given to employees (eg work equipment, phone, etc.).
Internal agenda of employees' business and personal phones.
Internal messaging, which ensures free, unlimited communication between users.
Record and Planning of driver shifts, considering work, respectively availability periods.
Record of the Posting of Drivers and the Calculation of Remuneration and Posting Indemnization according to the Mobility Package.
Printing Drivers Accords of Posting.
In other words, the Personnel department is aware of the employees' activity and the Dispatching becomes more Human !

Run your business. Don't let the business run you. - Benjamin Franklin

The benefits in terms of Company Management are:
The permanent connection of management staff to the company's activity, especially in the PRESENT moment.
Easy tools for a non-invasive control, without high costs and loss of time, without jeopardizing the current performance of the activity.
Relevant statistics for the analysis and improvement over time of the customer portfolio.
Calculation of extremely useful and relevant indicators.
Diverse, flexible and comprehensive statistics on everything the company spends.
Macro-management and Micro-management at a click away.
Employee performance evaluation: dispatchers, drivers, mechanics and more.
Quick and easy restructuring of employees' tasks, by restructuring their menu.
Securing access to information and data transfer.
Warnings of operating errors in all company departments.
Warnings for truck/trailer/employee documents validity or periodic procedures: oil changes, tires, etc.
The application becomes a tool for faster learning and integration of a new employee.
Application is a tool for increasing employee responsibility .
In other words, the application is for the manager like a faithful employee, an attentive and precise economic analyst, or an incorruptible and impartial reviewer, accessible 24/24, and who searches and calculates at the speed of the computer, at a monthly rate of 5 times smaller than that of a single employee.

Our presentation would not be complete without saying that Soft-Transport is a product of Euload. is an online platform dedicated to transport companies. It offers applications and useful information for the national and international transport activity.
Euload adapts its products and services to domestic and European legislative changes, as well as to the evolution of good practices of transport services.
We listen carefully and gratefully to the customers, who tell us their needs, suggestions, proposals coming directly from the users of the application. We understand them perfectly, because we speak the same language as them, that of transport.
You will find in the Euload & Soft-Transport team, people who know that all things become easy once you understand them and get used to them, and who are ready and willing to provide you with support, openness, help, friendship, throughout the collaboration period.

Are you ready to work together ?

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