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Soft-Transport - a step toward FUTURE!

What is Soft-Transport ?

Soft-Transport is a software application for the transport field, especially road transport of goods. It is designed and implemented by an interdisciplinary team with vast experience in this field (over 25 years).

It brings expertise and many benefits to its clients, companies and users, in terms of operating daily transport activities, as well as complex and relevant reports with a simple click.

The field of transport is one with many challenges and complex paper works and records . Soft-Transport makes everything simpler and more precise in dispatching, fleet management, accounting, personnel records, fuel consumption calculation, transport documents management (CMRs), etc.

The application is dedicated to transport and shipping companies or companies that have their own vehicle fleet. It can be purchased as an annual or lifetime (forever) subscription package. The Soft-Transport team greatly appreciates transparency, so we invite you to analyze our price offer menu in the Prices section!

Why would you buy such a product ?

To strengthen CONTROL inside the company.
To get quick and relevant ANSWERS to key questions.
To facilitate WORK in all the compartments of the company.
To avoid PROBLEMS.
To reduce COSTS.
To increase PROFIT.
Because the investment is not big, but the benefits are HUGE! !

More details about us

  • What does SoftTransport offer?

    Soft Transport is an application dedicated to Transport companies. It was built to be used primarily by the dispatchers of a transport company. Read more.

  • What does implementation suppose?

    Implementing the solution that SoftTransport offers you is not complicated. All you need are a few things. Read more.

  • What benefits does it bring you?

    You will regain your investment money quite fast due to the multiple benefits that the program brings you. Read more.

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